Introducing Luminor's UVConcierge

  • > Industry first, Integrated WIFI UV solution for WEB, ANDROID, and IOS (Apple)
  • > Graphical interface matches current UV display for brand recognition
  • > Easy set-up and login with integrated QR codes
  • > Data logging capabilities (i.e. UV output over time)
  • > Safe & protected, cloud-based data management
  • > Monitor just one system, or ALL the systems that you may service
  • > No safer way to monitor the status of your UV in virtual “real-time”
  • > FCC compliance
Dealer Management Portal
  • > Optional add-on platform available for IoT device
  • > Monitors all UV systems with installed IoT hardware assigned to your Dealership
  • > Troubleshoot problems without the need to visit the location
  • > Be apprised of potential problems BEFORE they actually occur
  • > Easily view data-logging to spot potential problems in the field
  • > Plan your service routes in advance (i.e. search for the UV systems with a lamp expiring in the next 30 days within a 50km radius of the Dealership)
  • > Subscription based payment structure (a small monitoring fee paid only for those systems with an installed IoT module)