OEM Modules

These units allow OEM’s to utilize the UV LED disinfection module in their unique application

These Modules are available in two different sizes and come with an integral mounting option. Ideally suited for OEM’s and system integrators who are looking for a compact, energy efficient, mercury free disinfection module to incorporate into their own piece of equipment or design.

  • > Compact footprint, high power density
  • > Integral solid state control architecture
  • > Eco friendly, mercury free
  • > 5,000 hrs UVC LED life
  • > Easy to use, install & maintenance free
  • > Temperature independent ensuring constant UV output, regardless of water temp.

Note: OEM must supply their own method to activate UV LED modules (i.e. flow switch, signal, etc.)


Fully integrated LED based UV disinfection system with multi-state status LED

This fully integrated LED based UV disinfection system is available with a simple multi-state status indicator. This system is packaged with a 12 volt power supply and there is no need for a lamp change, as in traditional UV systems. The UVC LED’s only turn “on” when needed based on an integral flow switch, and last for 5,000 hours of “on” mode operation. The system incorporates integrated, real-time I/O monitoring for:


  • > Prevents overheating of LED’s
  • > Alarm alerts of over temperature conditions

LED Status

  • > Always know when UVC LED is on or off
  • > Alarm is signaled in event that the UVC LED fails

UV Output - coming soon

  • > Allows user to know UV output the system is delivering
  • > Alarms for low UV “dose”