LUMINOR is a Canadian corporation whose sole purpose is to provide you, our valued WTP (Water Treatment Partner), with the best service, support, product and warranty that this industry has ever seen.

LUMINOR has been involved in the water industry for over 30 years

Specializing in ultraviolet disinfection solutions, LUMINOR designs, engineers and assembles all their products in Canada. With product solutions for whole home, light commercial, commercial/industrial and municipal, LUMINOR provides a “one-stop” solution for all your disinfection needs.

LUMINOR’s founder and owner is Myron Lupal. As the company’s President & General Manager, Myron has been involved in the water industry for over 30 years, the duration of his entire career. He has an extensive business background as well as managerial experience in all aspects of the corporation including sales, marketing, engineering and product development. Myron has held active positions within the CWQA, including past president, as well as being heavily involved and called upon for input with both water treatment rules and the IUVA's manufacturing council.

Why Choose LUMINOR.

Environmental stresses on our world's ecosystems continue to come under pressure by global expansion and as a result our water supplies quality and availability continue to decline. LUMINOR Environmental is committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions to aid our global customer base in their quest for safe, clean water. With the use of non-invasive technologies such as ultraviolet light, LUMINOR stands ready to address water quality issues with safe, easy to use, and value driven products for home, industry and small municipal applications.

LUMINOR's full line of products are designed, engineered and assembled in Canada with the highest quality components.

Colour screen display

LUMINOR's industry first colour screen display provides valuable, detailed reporting and feedback on how your UV system is performing.

Full customization of the controller interface

Modern controller technology allows for flash field programming and customization

  • Available in 9 different languages
  • Company-branded
  • Full colour screens
  • Built in QR code technology
  • Replacement parts information
High quality components
  • All lamps are manufactured in North America with less than 10mg of mercury
  • Axial flow UV chamber designed to meet ASME pressure vessel standards
  • Fully potted ballast in splash proof case to help prevent water damage
  • Numerous international certifications such as NSF and WaterMark
Modular design

LUMINOR systems are modular in design utilizing plug and play technology. Adding a module or sensor is easy, simply power down the system, plug in the needed component, return power and the process is complete.

Committed to clean, safe water

LUMINOR Environmental is a Canadian manufacturer of ultraviolet disinfection solutions for home, industry and regulated markets around the world.



Whole Home Water Treatment

With flow rates up ranging from 80 lpm (20 gpm) to 160 lpm (40 gpm), our Standard and High Output Series is a compact whole home purification system, suitable for use in residential and commercial applications.

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Industry first, Integrated WIFI UV solution for WEB, ANDROID, and IOS (Apple)

Graphical interface matches current UV display for brand recognition. Easy set-up and login with integrated QR codes. Data logging capabilities (i.e. UV output over time). Safe & protected, cloud-based data management. Monitor just one system, or ALL the systems that you may service. No safer way to monitor the status of your UV in virtual “real-time”. FCC compliance.

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Controller Customization

LUMINOR’s controller technology allows for flash field programming and complete customization of the user interface; available in 9 different languages, colour interface, company branded Dealer Programming Module & QR code technology that can be scanned by camera-enabled phones to make a direct link to a website.

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UV LED water treatment systems

OEM modules allow OEM’s to utilize the UV LED disinfection module in their unique application, while GUV series is fully integrated LED based UV disinfection system with multi-state status LED.

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